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University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) Recruitment for Senior Talents, Excellent Young Faculty and Postdoctoral Researchers at Home and Abroad in 2020





1. Positions Available

(1) For details go to USTB 2020 Teaching and Research Positions Available (Attachment 1)

(2) For details go to USTB Postdoctoral Research Centers and Contact (Attachment 2)


2. Posts and Supporting Policies





(1) Eminent scientists and/or engineers

Supporting policies:

a. USTB provides a minimum annual payment of 800,000 RMB (before tax), with regular teaching and research subsidies, bonus, and allowances from departments, institutes and schools.

b. Housing subsidies will be granted accordingly.

c. USTB provides 5-10 million RMB start-up capital for science and engineering research, and 1-3 million RMB for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences research.





(2) Leading academics

Supporting policies:

a. USTB provides a minimum annual payment of 650,000 RMB (pre-tax), with regular teaching and research subsidies, bonuses, and allowances from  departments, institutes and schools.

b. USTB provides 2-3 million RMB housing subsidies.

c. USTB provides start-up capital for science and engineering research, varying from 3 to 6 million RMB and that for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences research varying from 500,000 RMB to 1 million RMB.





(3) Young top-notch talents

Supporting policies:

a. USTB provides a minimum annual payment of 400,000 RMB, with regular teaching and research subsidies, bonuses, and allowances from  departments, institutes and schools.

b. USTB offers 1 million RMB housing subsidies.

c. USTB provides 1.5 million RMB start-up capital for science and engineering research, and 500,000 RMB for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences research.




(4) USTB-recognized titles, distinguished professors and distinguished associate professors

Supporting policies:

a. USTB will appoint young talents who have achieved an outstanding performance in their corresponding disciplines, and who have demonstrated  talent or academic potential as distinguished professors, distinguished associate professors respectively, with equal welfare benefits for professors or associate professors. Top ones can be listed as “USTB Young Scholar”, with extra subsidies of 80,000 RMB per year.

b. USTB provides a 500,000 RMB (minimum) start-up capital for distinguished professors for science and engineering research, or 200,000 RMB (minimum) for economic, humanities and social sciences research; 300,000 RMB (minimum) start-up capitals for distinguished associate professors for science and engineering research, or 100,000 RMB (minimum) for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences research.








(5) Postdoctoral researchers

Supporting policies:

a. A competitive salary is provided by both USTB and the supervisor (professor).

b. A postdoctoral apartment or dormitory room is offered.

c. Postdoctors demonstrating excellent academic performance upon review are eligible to be granted remuneration for Distinguished Associate Professors or Professors.

d. Postdoctors who demonstrate excellent academic performance are eligible to be offered a faculty position at USTB upon completion of their postdoctoral fellowship.




(6) International faculty

a. International teachers meeting the qualification of the USTB Recruitment Program can apply for the listed positions in the Program. Employed teachers will be contracted as USTB teaching staff, enjoying the same salary, subsidies and bonus as their counterpart USTB teaching staff..

b. Associate professors or professors at prominent international universities or scientific institutions can apply for the position of visiting professors (either as full-time or part-time).


The enrollment of all afore-mentioned people in the local Social Insurance Program will be processed in accordance with relevant national policies and standard practices. Should the candidate have children and meet certain requirements they may be enrolled in an affiliated kindergarten or school. Those with necessary qualifications can join in the integrated innovative research institute — USTB’s talents tank. What is left unmentioned in this notice can be discussed in interviews.








3. Recruitment Procedure

(1) Applicants must submit their materials to the email addresses released by various departments (See the attachment). The application should contain the following items:

a. CV, including personal information, education and work experiences, publications, research projects (the impact factors and JRC partitions indicated), patents and awards, etc. within the five year period before applying.

b. Attachments, including ID-card/passport, education and degree certificates,  employment certificate, proof materials of research projects, front pages of publications, award certificate, as well as patent certificate, etc.

(2) The employing departments screen the applicants according to the positions available and their qualifications.

(3) The employing departments follow the procedures of preliminary interview, trial lecture, and comprehensive observation.

(4) On the basis of the candidates proposed by all employing departments, the Department of Human Resources and Talent Affairs Section will determine the final employment list according to the relevant regulations and procedures of the university.





4. Application Notes

(1) The applicant must uphold the lines, principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party, love China, commit to the development of higher education with a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism and dedication.

(2) The applicant must hold a Ph.D degree and be under the age of 35, be doctoral graduates, postdoctoral fellows, overseas returnees or personnel transferred to the USTB. Age requirement may be less strict with senior professors or specialists.

(3) The proposed personnel with no postdoctoral experience must carry out research in the USTB Center for Postdoctoral Studies. Special disciplines may have a permissible exclusion from the requirement.







1.北京科技大学人才工作办公室  老师


2.北京科技大学人事处人事科  老师


3.北京科技大学人事处博士后工作办公室  老师





5.  Contacts

For questions please contact us.

E-mail address: ustbzhaopin2020@126.com

Contact Informarion:

Ms.Han, Talent Affairs Section

Tel: +86-10-62333640

Mr.Gu, Personnel & Salary Section

Tel: +86-10-62332009

Ms.Zhang, Postdoctoral Affairs Section

Tel: +86-10-62333650

Fax: +86-10-62333033

Mailing address: The Department of Human Resources of USTB, 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Zip code: 100083

WeChat Official Account:  USTB-HR







Founded in 1952, the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) is one of the most influential key national universities, focusing on engineering with a well-balanced disciplinary structure of technology,Science, Management, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law. It is one of the first universities in mainland China to have won official approval to establish graduate schools, also one among the first group of universities chosen to be China’s “211 Project” in May 1997. In 2006, USTB is listed one of the few pilot universities selected for the “Platform for National Advanced Disciplines Innovation” . In 2014, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology was listed in the national “2011 Program”. In 2017, USTB became one of the selected universities in the “Double-First Class” initiative, which is the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.

学校位于高校云集的北京市海淀区学院路。截至2019年底,全日制在校生2.5万余人,其中本专科生13545人,各类研究生11042人(其中硕士生7570人、博士生3472人),国际学生876人。学校现有20个一级学科博士学位授权点,30个一级学科硕士学位授权点,17个博士后科研流动站,53个本科专业。学校的科研实力十分雄厚,现有1个国家科学中心,1个“2011计划”协同创新中心,2个国家重点实验室,2个国家工程(技术)研究中心,2个国家科技基础条件平台,1个国家科技资源共享服务平台,2个国家级国际科技合作基地,56个省、部级重点实验室、工程研究中心、国际合作基地、创新引智基地等。学校定期出版《工程科学学报》《北京科技大学学报(社会科学版)》《International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials》《思想教育研究》《物流技术与应用》《金属世界》《粉末冶金技术》等重要学术刊物。

Located on Xueyuan Road of Haidian District, Beijing, where a number of China’s most prestigious universities are located, the main campus of the USTB contains over 25,000 full-time students, including 13,545 undergraduates, 7,570 postgraduates, 3,472 doctorates and 876 international students. Now USTB has 20 Level subject Doctoral programs, 30 Level subject Master programs, 17 postdoctoral research stations and 53 undergraduate majors. USTB has undertaken a great number of scientific research projects at both national and provincial level. It has eleven national research bases, including one National Science Center, one Innovation Center of the “2011 Program”, two key national laboratories, two national engineering research centers, two national science basis platforms, one National Science and technology resource sharing service platform , two international scientific collaboration bases, all at the state level. Besides, it also has 56 research bases at provincial level, including key laboratories, engineering research centers, international scientific collaboration and the “Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities”. USTB issues academic periodicals such as Chinese Journal of Engineering, Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing (Social Sciences Edition), International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials, Studies in Ideological Education, Logistics & Material Handling, Metal World and Powder Metallurgy Technology.


USTB has a long tradition of rigorous learning and teaching, which is partly attributable to its scholarly faculty. Among its over 3,380 faculty members, 14 are CAS members or CAE members (Seven are members of both institutes), four are the committee members of Committee of Social Science, 18 awardees of The Ten Thousand Talent Program(including four young top-notch scholars), two nationally outstanding teachers, 22 awardees of The Cheung Kong Scholars Program, 20 awardees of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 18 awardees of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 18 awardees listed on Millions of Talent Projects National candidates, 34 outstanding teachers of Beijing, 103 New Century Excellent Talents in University. Since the adoption of reform and opening up policy in 1978, 5,523 patents have been granted out of 8,963 applications. More than 2,000 research projects have been awarded various prizes at national, provincial and ministerial levels, including 181 prizes at national level.


Nowadays, the students and faculty of USTB are forging ahead towards the same goal— to build USTB not only into one of the top-ranking research-based universities in China, but also an internationally renowned higher education institute with its own distinguishing features while retaining its current leading position in metallurgy and materials science.


We sincerely welcome outstanding talents at home and abroad to join us and apply various talents programs supported by USTB. We can work together for great brilliance.